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We are a division of Santander Consumer, the leading Consumer Finance House in Europe. We provide finance for your Mazda vehicle through your Mazda dealer at competitive rates, alongside a range of related insurance products.We are one of the UK's leading 'point of sale' finance providers, which means we enable your Mazda dealer to provide you with a convenient "One-Stop Shop" when choosing your next Mazda.
We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for General Insurance mediation activity, and are licensed under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

  • Are you the kind of person who likes to regularly update the car you drive? This plan allows shorter term finance agreements, so you can change your car more often. And you also have the flexibility later on to keep, return or exchange your Mazda. It’s also nice to know that with this plan you are protected against any fall in used car prices by a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV).

  • Conditional Sale

    Mazda Conditional Sale is flexible and simple, with a range of options to suit everyone.
    The benefits

    Simple - fixed, equal, regular instalments.

    Predictable - pay all your instalments and you own the car
    Flexible - you determine your repayment period at the start of your contract, meaning that you have total control of your budget.

  • How well protected are you against Total Loss of your vehicle?

    Do you know how much you would be getting from your motor insurance policy if your vehicle was written off due to an accident, fire or theft?
    Even with comprehensive cover, your motor insurance company may only pay out the market value of your vehicle at the time of the write-off.

  • For Business Users, leasing a vehicle on Mazda Contract Hire through Newport Mazda is a simple and convenient process. Below we have put a few details of how Mazda Contract Hire works, and a brief summary of benefits

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